Thomo Cockfighting – The Most Attractive Form of Betting at  Okvip

Thomo spur cockfighting is one of the most popular types of betting at bookmakers OKVIP. Almost everyone who has visited these bookmakers does not miss the attractive bets in this subject. If you are passionate about Thomo cock fighting, join us now to explore all the details below.

What is Thomo spur cockfighting?

This is a popular traditional form of folk play in Cambodia and is gradually gaining popularity in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. In this type, players will bet on the cock they believe will win the match. They will then be brought into the ring and fight each other. The player will win the bet if his cock wins.

Thomo spur cockfighting at  Okvip is a more modern version of traditional playgrounds, when you can experience cockfighting matches right on your computer or mobile phone. Bringing the best and most convenient betting experiences to players.

Why should you play Thomo cockfighting at  Okvip?

The number of players participating in betting in this subject is increasingly large, increasing rapidly every day because it possesses many outstanding advantages as follows:

Watch high quality cockfighting broadcasts

One of the special features of this sport is that it allows customers to watch live top cockfighting matches, taking place at the famous Thomo cockfighting arena, completely free of charge. This helps players to monitor and evaluate the chickens participating in the fight in advance, thereby making accurate betting decisions and increasing their chances of winning.

Absolutely safe and secure

This playground applies advanced SSL 128 Bit security technology, ensuring your information and all deposit and withdrawal operations are always safe. Therefore, you can safely bet and participate in Thomo cockfighting here without worrying about being scammed or leaking personal information.

The number of matches and bets is large

Our bookmaker offers a large number of Thomo cock fighting matches every day, along with a variety of bet types such as: Score, handicap, half… You can easily find suitable matches. with your interests and abilities, improve your chances of winning and increase profits.

Millet varieties are often chosen for Thomo cockfighting

There are many millet varieties chosen to participate in this type of competition. Below are some popular and popular chicken lines that regularly participate in cockfighting matches here  Okvip:

Asil chicken

The Asil chicken line is one of the millet lines with majestic appearance, red plumage and aggressive nature. This type of chicken has good endurance and is often used in Thomo cockfighting matches. With its strength and ferocity, the Asil chicken breed is always a formidable fighter in matches.

Chicken strains

This breed of chicken is the most popular in Thomo cockfights thanks to its good endurance and high aggressiveness. Always launching dangerous kicks that no opponent can resist, bringing dramatic and intense matches to viewers.

Peruvian chicken

This is a breed of chicken with white or black feathers and is physically strong and agile. This makes it easy for them to launch powerful attacks, causing opponents to be quickly defeated.

Thomo spur cockfighting forms are popular in Vietnam  Okvip

At the bookmaker’s house  Okvip There are two main forms of Thomo cockfighting that are favored by many bettors, specifically as follows:

Knife cockfighting

In this form, the fighting cock will use a sharp, knife-shaped spur attached to its leg to easily strike down the opponent. When the opponent receives this attack, their skin may be scratched, their hair will fall out, and they may even be seriously injured or die. Bring excitement and drama to the match.

Cockfighting with round spurs

This is a form of fighting cock that uses a sharp round spur attached to its leg to fight. This type has lower lethality but still brings exciting matches, suitable for those who are just starting to participate in Thomo cockfighting.

Tips for playing cockfighting with Thomo to win big

To be able to win, experience this sport at the house  Okvip, breeders should pocket appropriate tips and experience for themselves. Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of receiving rewards easily:

  • Learn about the fighting achievements of the chickens: You need to study this table to know exactly about the strength and fighting ability of each cock, thereby making more reasonable capital investment decisions.
  • Manage your capital well: Only bet the amount of money you can afford to lose, because Thomo cockfighting is a form of betting on chance. Therefore, players should determine a betting budget and stick to it, so as not to have financial difficulties after participating in the experience.
  • Choose the right time: Bettors should limit hasty betting, instead think carefully before betting and adjust the odds to suit the match situation.


Above is all the detailed information about Thomo cockfighting here dealer  Okvip. Hopefully the knowledge we share can help bettors understand more about this type.

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