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Penalty card betting is a form of betting that appears frequently in football. You predict and bet on the number of red and yellow cards drawn during the match. In Bookmaker Neu88, penalty card bets have many different forms and reward levels, players should research carefully and learn from experience to easily win.

Distinguishing the types of “best” penalty card bets

In online soccer betting floors, penalty card bets are divided into many different forms for you to comfortably participate. Including the most popular penalty card bets today:

Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap handicap is a form when Bookmaker New88 gives a certain handicap to the weaker team regarding the number of penalty cards drawn during the match. For example, the bookmaker offers odds of -½, -1 for the team with weaker ability. That means that team must have a maximum of 1 penalty cards to win.

Over/under penalty card betting

The over/under penalty card bet in a match is a form where you bet on the total number of penalty cards drawn during the match, counting the time the ball is still rolling on the field.

You can bet on “Over” if the number of penalty cards appearing is higher than a certain number given by the house. Bet on “under” if you predict that the total number of yellow and red cards issued in the match will not exceed that number.

Bet on 1×2 penalty cards

The 1×2 penalty card bet is also known as the European bet on the number of penalty cards. The bookmaker will give 3 specific options including: home team wins, away team wins and draw. Players will rely on many factors such as playing performance, match, referee, and weather to choose the most suitable door.

You win the bet when you choose the correct door with the larger number of penalty cards, the probability of breaking even is very low. In particular, because it is based on the rules of European odds, this bet is extremely easy to play, the number of bets is very small, and the reward rate is high.

Odd even penalty bet

There are only 2 bets on odd and even penalty cards. If you choose to bet, you will have 5 wins or 5 losses. That is, the total number of penalty cards of the whole match for both teams combined is an odd or even number, the player predicts and places money on the appropriate bet.

In the match you place an odd bet, if the total is odd then you win, otherwise if the number is even then you lose. In addition to the whole match odds, the house also adds Half 1 and Half 2 bets for players to choose from.

Instructions for calculating fines at New88

When participating in a penalty card bet at the New88 Bookmaker football lobby, usually each type of bet will have a different bet level. You should learn how to calculate the penalty to preserve capital and the most accurate reward level.

For example, if Bookmaker New88 offers odds of 1.5 for the over/under card bet, the total bet amount is 100,000 VND and the final result wins, you will receive 150,000. This number includes the initial bet.

Experience playing card betting to win big rewards

Penalty card betting is super popular at Bookmaker New88 so there are a lot of players participating. To beat your opponents and win huge bonuses, you must pocket the following experience:

Research information on 2 teams

First, you need to carefully study the information of the two teams to see if this football match is important to the two teams to calculate the number of penalty cards. For example, when two strong teams are competing fiercely, collision situations occur frequently and penalty cards are continuously drawn by the referee.

On the contrary, if it is just a friendly match or both teams do not need to win big, the rhythm of the match will be lighter. This causes the number of penalty cards issued to be much less.

Understand player temperament

The temperament of the players of the two teams is an important factor to help you correctly guess the number of penalty cards in the match. For example, players who are easily irritable, impatient, and have a history of being “suspended” are more likely to receive a red or yellow card.

In addition, during the game, you should monitor the players of both teams, especially the team that is leading because they will try their best to press their opponents to equalize.

Learn about referees

The referee is the one who directly decides to issue a penalty card during the match. To make more accurate predictions, you should monitor the referee’s history and penalty style. For example, people who draw cards quickly and easily cause a lot of penalty cards in the match, whereas some referees calculate quite carefully so the number of cards is less.

Check penalty cards

Soccer betting is an effective tip for players to easily calculate penalty card odds. Information will be provided directly on betting channels. Experts will rely on many factors such as team and referee to give the most accurate card number.

With information about Penalty card betting In football, the playing experiences revealed by New88 above, bettors can conquer every season. Bookmaker New88 constantly updates the website, adding many attractive incentives, deposit bonuses, and refunds for those participating in New88 sports betting.

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