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Steelmate’s Tire Pressure Sensor: A Game Changer For Car Safety

STEEL MATE, an automotive safety company, has launched its new tire pressure sensor designed to improve tire safety and promote road safety. It’s a game changer as it detects leaks before the pressure is gone, reducing irreparable damage to your car and saving lives.

Why install a tire pressure sensor on steelmate?

STEEL MATE’s tire pressure sensors are a game changer for automotive safety. By monitoring tire pressure, STEEL MATE can warn drivers of an impending flat and help prevent accidents.

One of the drivers’ biggest concerns is knowing when their tires are about to blow out. With STEEL MATE’s Tire Pressure Sensor, motorists can be alerted within minutes if their tire pressure falls below a safe range. This information helps avoid hazardous situations and prevent accidents.

In addition to monitoring tire pressure, STEEL MATE also captures data on braking and acceleration rates, speed, route traveled, and more. This data can be used to improve overall car safety and make driving easier.

By using STEEL MATE’s tire pressure sensors, drivers can stay safe on the road and avoid costly accidents.

How does it work?

Steelmate Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS) are game changers in automotive safety. TPS uses advanced sensors and algorithms to monitor tire pressure in real-time and send alerts to the driver via a built-in display or optional cellular connection. TPS has saved countless lives by warning drivers of low tire pressure before tire pressure reaches dangerous levels.

STEEL MATE is currently used by car manufacturers worldwide as part of their vehicle safety systems. GM, Ford, BMW, Audi, and many other brands are integrating this valuable device into their vehicles. If you are interested in adding STEEL MATE to your car’s security arsenal, be sure to check out our website or contact us for more information.

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