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Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Displaying Your Data

The best way to display data on a website is through tables. A table-maker creates a table using thetable> tag in HTML. It is possible only if you are proficient in the HTML language.

This is possible thanks to the modern web development field. WordPress and other CMS platforms make it easier than using HTML. WordPress has an infinite number of plugins.

WordPress users find plugin selection a bit difficult. WordPress plugins make it easier to use. How do you choose the right plugins to display your data on WordPress? How do you choose the right WordPress plugins for displaying your data on the website?

Tables are an excellent way for web developers to present customer services and business data. Large data sets are easy-to-read. Multiple operations can be performed using tables such as price, product comparisons, and web directories.

WordPress already has an option to add data to your blog or page. It has a limited number of features and does not offer many formatting and styling options. WordPress plugins offer many features, including color, style and design, filters, formatting, and more.

Your visitors will spend more time on your site if you make your data interactive and engaging.

The Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins for Displaying Your Business Data

These plugins display data on your WordPress site.

Table Press

Incredibly Simple Forms


Data Tables Generator By Supsystic

Ninja Tables


WP Table Builder

1. TablePress

This plugin is well-known for WordPress. This plugin allows you to create beautiful, responsive tables without having to know any programming language. It allows you to import and export data in HTML, CSV, CSV, JSON, and spreadsheet formats. You can also manage your tables using pagination and data sorting.

2. Formidable Forms

The Formidable Forms plugin is now available for WordPress. It is a powerful tool for creating tables. You can choose from multiple styles and properties to customize your table data. This formidable package includes a complete table package. A further feature is that tables are automatically updated when new data arrives from outside.

3. wpDataTables

wpDataTables premium plugin is a great choice for users who love premium WordPress. It also includes a table builder. You can then create stunning tables by enabling the table builder. The table data can be imported from CSV, XMP, PHP and many other formats.

4. Data Tables Generator by Supysystic

It’s a flexible plugin that can be used by anyone who uses WordPress to develop their website. It is easy to sort and merge data from your tables. It is similar to Excel. It allows you to easily use mathematical formulas for data calculations. A user can also convert the table to diagrams, charts, or graphics. This allows visitors to better understand the data.

5. Ninja Tables

Ninja Table is the most popular WordPress plugin. You can customize tables in many ways. Ninja Tables is the best solution for WordPress developers. It also offers 13 color options for your WordPress website. With just one click, you can make your data mobile-responsive and desktop-friendly. It also offers JavaScript and CSS features that allow you to create your own JavaScript and CSS code for your table.

6. Visualizer

IT is an excellent choice for creating charts or bars. You have full control over the website tables, including scrolling, searching and pagination. Visualizer is not free. Once you have purchased the pro version, you will be able to audit your data values.

7. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop editor plugin. It is easy to create responsive tables for your website. You can also add images, lists and buttons to your responsive table. It also has a sorting feature.


We hope you find this article helpful in learning about the WordPress table plugins as well as their properties.


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