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Industry Trendsetter: Innovative ForwardX

ForwardX Robotics is a global technology leader in artificial intelligence and robotics. Through its flexible automation platform consisting of intelligent mobile robots and artificial intelligence software, ForwardX provides special equipment and turnkey solutions for warehousing and manufacturing facilities. They have deep technical expertise in AMRs. Come and have a look at their dazzling strengths.

Future Trend of Automation: AMRs

While AMRs may seem like a novelty compared to factory transport solutions that have been in use for years, such as stationary conveyors, cranes, manual in-yard forklifts, etc., ForwardX’s AMR technology is still evolving, and its maturity has been recognized by customers worldwide.

ForwardX’s 4th-generation AMRs are more closely integrated with technologies such as artificial intelligence and automatic navigation and have strong computing power. Relying on ForwardX’s mature vision recognition technology, the AMRs can collect and analyze data from the surrounding environment through sensors to achieve autonomous positioning and navigation capabilities.

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Global Service

ForwardX aims to provide better AMR equipment and tailor-made automation solutions to companies worldwide. With offices in Japan and the U.S. and partnerships worldwide, ForwardX is expanding and bringing its proven solutions to warehouses and manufacturers worldwide. Visit ForwardX’s official website for further information about their comprehensive automation solution

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