Five Office Cleaning Tips for a Better Home Office Organization

You are likely to spend as much time in your office each week if you work in it.

Your motivation and productivity can be directly affected by a messy, unorganized office environment.

The advantages of a well-organized Work Space

Cleanliness in the workplace has been proven to decrease sick days.

A clean office is a more pleasant place to work. It’s easier to find important files or documents and makes a good impression on clients or customers. Here are some tips to help you get started if you are already keen on keeping your office clean. If not, there are new benefits such as improving employee morale.

Reorganise your Office Space

A cluttered desk at the end of a week is usually a result of the hustle and bustle that comes with a busy office. It’s important to get rid of unnecessary clutter when keeping offices tidy. You should start by sorting through all documents. Then, invest in a good filing system to make it easy to find them in the future. Also, get rid of any clutter on employees’ desks. Keep important documents safe.

Encourage employees to only keep the essentials on their desks. This will instantly make your office appear larger and will also make it easier to clean up on a regular basis. This is also true for employees who work from home.

As Clean as You Go

As with cleaning your house, it is much easier to clean up and organize as you go than to leave it unattended for a week. Instead of putting your pots in the sink and leaving them there until you get back to the kitchen, wash them after you have finished eating. This will make the kitchen look cleaner for you and your coworkers.

Do you see dust on your desks? Wipe it down. Have you found mugs in a meeting area? You can move them. It’s easier to eliminate unnecessary waste and clutter in the office by cleaning up little bits. It is better to clean as you go rather than leave it to be cleaned up at the end.

Public Areas

It is vital that you ensure regular cleaning and disinfection in all public and shared spaces in your office. While your office space should be cleaned on a regular basis, it is important to pay attention to areas like the entrance halls, meeting rooms, and toilets. These are the most likely areas to collect bacteria and dirt over time, and will also be where the most touch points in your workplace.

Make sure that all handles, light switches and handrails are cleaned at least once a day. Also, ensure that hallways, corridors, and bathrooms are regularly cleaned. Spillages and leftover crumbs can be a problem in areas like the break out and shared kitchen areas. These areas should therefore be cleaned daily with surfaces being wiped clean and floors mopped and hoovered.

Sanitize and disinfect Personal Areas

Your management is responsible for ensuring that your employees work in clean offices. However, it is also their responsibility. Although computers and desks can contain more germs per square inch than a toilet seat, most people only clean their workspaces once a month. You can prevent the spread of germs, especially Coronavirus, by making sure that the workplace is clean and well-maintained.

It is possible to prevent the spread of germs and viruses by encouraging your employees to wash their hands regularly. Disinfectant sprays can be purchased to keep in the office. You can also place sanitizing wipes on every employee’s desk. There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the office, particularly in shared areas.


It might be a good idea to hire a specialist cleaning company to help you clean up your office. These companies have cleaners who are highly trained to clean large areas. Many companies also offer Covid-19 specialist cleaning services if there has been an outbreak in your workplace.

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