Innovation of Hengli Textile Export

Are you looking to expand your textile business globally? You might have come across Hengli, a well-known Chinese textile exporter. But is it really worth working with them? In this blog post, we’ll explore the innovation of Hengli textile export. Read on to learn more!


Hengli is one of the leading textile export companies in China. It has been in business for over 30 years and has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Hengli has a modern factory that is equipped with the latest technology. This allows us to produce high-quality products that meet international standards. We have a strict quality control system in place to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality. Our products are also competitively priced, which makes them an attractive option for buyers from around the world. Feel free to visit to learn more about – naa songs

Innovation of Hengli Textile

With the new positioning of “technology, fashion, and green,” Hengli Group’s textile businesses will quicken innovation, intelligence, and internationalization from the three perspectives of quality, efficiency, and cost through the integration of the two industries, and continuously enrich product categories and improve product quality.

Hengli Group’s textile businesses focus on new product development and quality control, continuously enrich varieties and categories, implement transformation and upgrading of product structure, develop new high-end fabrics like pearl yarn, gold and silver silk, and jacquard crepe, and comprehensively expand their application fields. While doing so, vigorously pursue the development of RPET, an environmentally friendly recycled fiber, and pay particular attention to the new concept of creating items from recycled material by well-known domestic and international brands.


Hengli has also made significant investments in polyester industrial yarn, which is utilized in seat belts and common household decorations in addition to being used in materials for car tire frames and other applications. Increase the use of textiles in a variety of industries. The enterprise’s goods are designed to improve, comfort, and secure people’s lives.

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