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Youibot OW12: Advanced AMR Solution for Semiconductor Automation

The Youibot OW12 is a state-of-the-art autonomous mobile robot arms specifically tailored for semiconductor automation scenarios. Designed to handle and load/unload 12″ FOUP PODs in semiconductor front-end chip manufacturing, Youibot OW12 offers precision, efficiency, and reliability. Let’s explore the features that make Youibot OW12 an exceptional AMR solution for the semiconductor industry.

Tailored for Semiconductor Automation

Youibot OW12 is engineered to excel in semiconductor automation scenarios. Equipped with a cobot that features an end gripper and vision sensor, the OW12 can accurately grasp 12″ FOUP PODs at the upper clamping fixture. This design minimizes direct contact with wafers and reduces vibration impact during lifting, ensuring the safe and precise handling of delicate semiconductor components. Youibot OW12’s ability to minimize vibration impact on the FOUP POD, meeting the conventional standard of vibration ≤ 0.5G for flat ground operation, underscores its suitability for the high-precision demands of semiconductor manufacturing.

Enhanced Handling and Monitoring

With a specially designed electronic shelf, Youibot OW12 can efficiently handle materials from the robot storage position to the shelf storage position. The system also monitors and uploads information about the robot and shelf storage positions, providing real-time tracking and management of materials. This capability enhances the efficiency and reliability of semiconductor manufacturing processes, making Youibot OW12 an invaluable asset for semiconductor facilities.

Minimized Vibration Impact

Youibot OW12 is designed to minimize vibration impact on handling objects, specifically the FOUP POD. This feature is crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, where even minor vibrations can affect the quality and integrity of wafers. By maintaining a vibration level of ≤ 0.5G, Youibot OW12 ensures that the handling and transportation of FOUP PODs are conducted with the utmost care and precision, preserving the quality of semiconductor components.


In conclusion, Youibot OW12 stands out as a pioneering autonomous mobile robot  arms solution for the semiconductor industry. Its tailored design, featuring a cobot with an end gripper and vision sensor, ensures precise and safe handling of 12″ FOUP PODs. The ability to minimize vibration impact and the enhanced handling and monitoring capabilities make Youibot OW12 an essential tool for semiconductor automation. Embrace the future of semiconductor manufacturing with Youibot OW12 and experience unparalleled efficiency, precision, and reliability. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) like Youibot OW12 are leading the way in revolutionizing semiconductor automation.

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