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WordPress Website Maintenance – Top 10 Tasks for 2022

WordPress website maintenance should be a top priority for your business. Website owners are not paying attention to site maintenance these days. Your website will suffer if it is not maintained.

How do you maintain your WordPress website? The solution is right in front of you. Don’t worry. We have provided the top tips for maintaining your WordPress website .

Why is WordPress Website maintenance so important?

WordPress is the most popular CMS for web development. WordPress currently hosts over 455 million websites. You can get high-quality services for your business website. Without any technical knowledge, anyone can easily create a website. These are just a few of the many benefits offered by WordPress website maintenance.

Site security is important

Increased conversion rate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your Business can grow

Take steps to maintain your website

Let’s now discuss website maintenance for WordPress-based websites.

1. Make sure to backup your website regularly

It is an essential thing for your website. Your backup will allow you to quickly restore your website if it is compromised or hacked. Backup your entire website to avoid data loss. Also, make sure to check that the backup works properly.

2. Apply for an update

WordPress CMS has many themes, plugins and you should be aware of them. Plugin upgrading can improve your website’s security. It also fixed the errors.

3. You can check all your WP forms

Visitors can send and receive queries via your website using forms. You could lose customers if WP forms don’t work. If your WP form does not work, check with your hosting provider or WP email provider to fix it.

4. WordPress Database Optimize

Database optimization is essential for any website. Unwanted data can slow down website performance and increase website size. If you don’t use the additional plugins or media files, please delete them.

5. Run Performance Test

Google’s speed test tool can be used to check the performance of your website. These performance results will give you the essential information about your website. You should monitor your website’s performance each month.

6. Change all Passwords

Although regular password changes are absurd, password protection can help protect your website against phishing attacks and Bruce force attacks. Every WordPress expert recommends that business owners change their passwords frequently. This includes the password for WP admin, but also FTP and SSH accounts.

7. Locate and fix 404 errors404 error codes indicate the status of an HTTP code. Sometimes it will display an error message such as “server couldn’t find your website page” or “unavailable”. This could indicate technical problems or a lack of availability. This error can cause a negative experience for your customers. You can identify the problem in your WordPress site database, and fix it.

8. Repair broken links

An excellent way to improve your SEO is to add an external link. Sometimes, external URLs get lost, changed, or expire. When you enter WordPress, make sure to check the external links.

9. SEO Audit

SEO audits are the most important aspect of website maintenance. Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be used to check the status of your campaigns.

10. Image Optimization

Your website’s speed will be affected if your images aren’t optimized correctly. This process should never be skipped. Visitors can upload large images without compression. You should ensure that you have access to all of your database images on an ongoing basis.


We have provided some tips and tricks for WordPress website maintenance in this article. These checklists can be helpful if you are creating a new WordPress website or maintaining an existing WordPress site.

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