Top 10 Radio Stations in Britain

Radio was an ancient medium of communication. People used it to listen to the news, watch drama, and relax. The world is filled today with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. However, radio still has the greatest reach, reaching many people who don’t have access to the internet. Radio stations provide valuable information to people in times of crisis via radio waves. Radio is still the most widely used mass-communication medium in the world.

The Top 10 UK Radio Stations

1. Heart Radio

This Heart Radio is a network that includes 13 local adult stations. Global operates this station in the UK. The heart radio station’s center of operations can be found in Leicester Square, London.

Herat radio station was launched on 100.7 Heart FM in 1994. This heart is now the 3 rd independent radio station and provides a regional service. Why is heart radio so popular? They are emotionally connected to listeners and satisfy their needs throughout the day.

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2. Capital FM

This group consists of 12 independent, contemporary radio stations from the UK. Capital FM’s frequency is 95.8 in UK. Global media and entertainment owns 9 of these stations.

Capital FM was founded in London as an independent radio station for music in 1970s. Capital TV and Capital FM Arena are also available. Capital hosts the famous Fusion Festival in the UK, which takes place each September in Liverpool.

3. Smooth Radio

Smooth is a 2nd-to-Heart and Captial radio station. This station was founded in 1990. Smooth radio broadcasts on 97-108 FM.

Real and smooth owned smooth Radio Station. GMG radio was the name of this company. This station is only for 40-year-old listeners. The average weekly listenership for this smooth radio station was 3 million.

4. BBC Radio 2

The BBC Radio Station is a radio station. It is owned by and operated by BBC Radio. BBC radio is a popular radio station throughout the UK. BBC Radio was established in 1967.

BBC Radio 2 has a national average audience of 15,000,000 per week. They broadcast all across the UK on FM between 90.2 and 88.1 MHz, as well as a variety of broadcasts.

5. Heart 80s

Heart 80s was launched in March 2017 in London. Heart UK is a radio station that broadcasts nationally. The Heat Extra was rebranded as ‘Heart Extra Xmas’. Global, a descendant of Heart, owns and operates Heart 80s radio station.

This Heart 80s radio brings you the best of 1980s music to your soul. Live breakfast, from 6-10 am on weekdays to 8 AM each Saturday.

6. Magic FM

Bauer Radio owns and operates Magic FM radio station. This FM can be heard in London as Magic 106.4 FM radio. This FM offers an unforgettable experience that is reminiscent of that era.

This FM will bring back all the wonderful and sad moments from your life. The Magic FM evening show is more about listening to people who are tired from work.

7. Absolute 80s

Bauer Radio, part of the Absolute Radio Network, owns and operates Absolute Radio 80s. It is a London-based national digital radio station. This is music that plays continuously since the 1980s.

Absolute 80s was launched in the 6 th December 2009. Absolute Radio 80s, a UK radio station, has the No Repeat Warranty. This means that you won’t hear the same song repeated between 9 and 5 PM. They have more original songs to refresh your brain.

8. Kiss FM

Kiss FM was launched as a legal radio station on September 1, 1990. Kiss FM is a UK digital radio station. As part of the Kiss Network, it is owned and managed by Bauer. Kiss FM radio is targeted at people between 15 and 34 years old.

Kiss FM is a source of energy for your soul. Kiss FM also plans annual awards and every prize winner walks away with a trophy.

  1. Classic FM

Global owns and operates Classic FM, the UK’s third independent radio station. Classical music is broadcast on this Classic FM station. This FM station broadcasts the best music in the world.

The Classic FM radio station was launched in September 1992, which is 28 years ago. This radio station plays a broad-ranging, classical melody. It also plays videogame music and film scores.

10. Kisstory

This is the UK’s national digital radio station. It is operated by Bauer Radio, a Kiss Network affiliate. This radio station plays “Oldskool and anthems”.

Because of the positive feedback from radio listeners, Kisstory became a full-time station in 7 May 2013. The station is currently on air at 11 am every day and 7 pm every Sunday, 8 hours per week.

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