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Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+: Revolutionizing Portable Real-Time PCR Solution

Tianlong, a leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, has introduced the Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real-Time PCR System, revolutionizing the landscape of portable real-time PCR systems. This blog explores the features and benefits of the Gentier Mini+ PCR solution and its role in advancing portability, efficiency, and convenience in molecular diagnosis.

Unleashing portability

Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real Time PCR System is specifically designed for mobile laboratories, small spaces, or on-site testing. With its compact and lightweight design, it addresses the challenge of limited space and fragmented samples in laboratories. This portable PCR system allows for flexible movement and easy setup, making it an ideal companion for animal disease and infectious disease prevention and control, food safety, scientific research, and various other fields.

Enhanced efficiency

The Gentier Mini+ offers exceptional performance and efficiency, empowering laboratory professionals with accurate and efficient experimental procedures. With the ability to complete all 16 wells fluorescence scanning within just 1 second, this PCR solution significantly improves workflow efficiency. Lab professionals can now conduct their experiments more quickly, saving time and resources.


Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ 4 Channels Portable Real-Time PCR solution represents a leap forward in portable and efficient real-time PCR technology. With its compact design, rapid scanning capabilities, versatile control modes, powerful analysis software, and always-online connectivity, the Gentier Mini+ empowers researchers and lab professionals with a reliable and convenient solution for molecular diagnostics. It revolutionizes the way experiments are conducted, offering enhanced portability, efficiency, and convenience in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

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