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The DNL JK70-RT250Z: The Most Popular Heavy Trailer Jack for Caravans

When it comes to heavy-duty trailer jacks, the DNL JK70-RT250Z stands out as the top choice among caravan owners. This heavy trailer jack has gained immense popularity in the market due to its exceptional features and reliability. With a load capacity of 500kg and made from high-quality mild steel, the JK70-RT250Z ensures the utmost strength and durability. Let’s explore why this jockey wheel has become the go-to option for caravan enthusiasts.

Superior Load Capacity for Heavy Trailers

The DNL JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel boasts an impressive load capacity of 500kg. This feature makes it ideal for heavy trailers, providing the necessary support and stability during transportation. Whether you’re towing a large caravan or hauling equipment, this heavy trailer jack can handle the weight with ease. Caravan owners can now embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that their trailers are equipped with a reliable and robust jockey wheel.

Unmatched Reliability with Mild Steel Construction

One of the key reasons behind the JK70-RT250Z’s popularity is its construction from high-quality mild steel. This material ensures the jockey wheel’s reliability even under challenging conditions. Whether you’re traveling through rough terrains or encountering harsh weather, the JK70-RT250Z will withstand the test of time. Caravan owners can trust in the durability of this heavy trailer jack, knowing that it will provide long-lasting performance and peace of mind.


In conclusion, the DNL JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel has rightfully earned its reputation as the most popular heavy trailer jack for caravans. Its impressive 500kg load capacity and reliable mild steel construction make it a standout choice among caravan enthusiasts. With its 70mm jockey wheel and semiautomatic turnover feature, this trailer parking jack offers convenience and ease of use during towing and maneuvering. When it comes to heavy trailers, DNL’s JK70-RT250Z is the ultimate solution for reliable and robust support.

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