The Best YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022

YouTube is the most popular video platform and is essential for every Android and IOS device. It is second only to Google in terms of search engine traffic. With network support, you can watch and share videos from anywhere you have a smartphone or a computer.

YouTube offers two types of users:

Video CreatorUsers have the ability to create and upload videos for advertising, marketing, earning and other purposes.

Video Viewer Users are able to view and subscribe to YouTube channels.

YouTube Benefits

YouTube offers many benefits for businesses, but we will focus on some of the most important.

Use it free of charge

You have the opportunity to make money with your videos

Simple interface that is easy to use

Sharing videos is simple and straightforward

Your SEO will be boosted with these tips

These statistics are gathered by YouTube algorithm.

What are they?

Why don’t they watch?

What time do they spend viewing your video?

What types of videos do users enjoy and what do they dislike?

They aren’t interested in these things?

What’s YouTube Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a SEO technique that helps users find relevant search terms. YouTube keyword research involves identifying search terms from users. It can be difficult to find the right keyword. Luckily, there are many online tools that make it easy. We have 8 YouTube keyword tools that will help you find your video content easily.

Why are YouTube Keywords Important?

YouTube Keyword is essential for getting your video content in front the right audience. YouTube optimization is the best way to increase brand awareness and YouTube marketing.

8 Top YouTube Keyword Tools for 2022

1. TubeBuddy

It’s a Chrome extension that Google provides for free. It also links to YouTube. It allows you to search for long-tail keywords. Using this method, it is possible to optimize your videos.

Price: Pro version – $7.20/month, Star Version $15.20/month, Legend version -$39.20/month


This tool is the next best. It provides comprehensive lists of keyword categories, such as prepositions, questions, and hashtags. The free version does not include unlimited features.

Price:ProBasic Version – $68/year

3. VidIQ

It’s similar to TubeBuddy and is an extension of Chrome browser. It offers the best YouTube keyword option. VidIQ improves content searchability. This extension will provide information about the keyword search volume, overall score and keyword-related queries. It also provides keyword stats. You can also get the free version with certain features.

Price: Pro plan – $7.50/month.

4. YouTube Autosuggest

This is a simple method that can be used to optimize your video content. Drop-down menus in the Youtube search bar allow you to choose your keyword.


5. Google Trends

Google Trends, another great free tool to search YouTube keywords, is also available. It allows you to choose the popularity and relative of keywords and offers current topics based upon keywords.


6. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

It is a well-known tool that has been used by many digital marketers and YouTubers. Ahrefs has more than 640,000,000 YouTube keywords. It lists keywords from 10 search engines

Starting at $99/month

7. KeywordKeg

Keyword Keg is a great tool that provides results such as search volume, Google AdWords cost-per-click, and many other information.

Price: Costs- $40-$280/month (complete Package)

8. Kparser

International users can use it as a simple tool. Anybody can search keywords based upon their location. The basic features are available for free. You can purchase a premium if you want to access all features.

Price: Plan – $4.99/month


We have listed the top 8 YouTube keyword tools. These tools will help you become a YouTube keyword expert.

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