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Simplifying Workflows and Enhancing Efficiency: The Edan External Fetal Monitor Advantage

In the fast-paced world of obstetrical care, streamlined workflows and efficient processes are paramount. The Edan External Fetal Monitor is designed to simplify workflows and enhance efficiency, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most: providing excellent care to expectant mothers. Let’s explore how the Edan External Fetal Monitor’s intuitive features and smart design contribute to optimized workflows and improved efficiency.

Intuitive functional keys and simplified workflow

The Edan External Fetal Monitor is equipped with functional keys and a knob that provide various shortcuts for clinical use. This intuitive design allows healthcare professionals to easily access and achieve essential functions with minimal steps. Additionally, the monitor’s ‘start’ button can be configured to integrate patient information and printing, simplifying the workflow and enabling doctors to work with just one button. This level of efficiency saves valuable time and ensures a smooth and streamlined process.

Built-in CTG analysis system for quick interpretation

The Edan External Fetal Monitor features a built-in CTG (Cardiotocography) analysis system, empowering doctors and nurses to interpret results swiftly and accurately. By referring to the key features extracted from the CTG analysis, healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into the baby’s well-being and make informed decisions promptly. This integrated analysis system eliminates the need for external software, further streamlining the workflow and enhancing efficiency.


The Edan External Fetal Monitor goes beyond its role as a monitoring device, actively contributing to optimized workflows and enhanced efficiency in obstetrical care. With its intuitive functional keys, simplified workflows, and built-in CTG analysis system, this monitor empowers healthcare professionals to provide top-notch care while maximizing their time and resources. By choosing the Edan External Fetal Monitor, healthcare providers can streamline their processes and focus on what truly matters: the well-being of expectant mothers and their precious babies.

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