Qiaowang:Providing Sustainable Compostable Food Packaging Solutions

Qiaowang, a pioneer in compostable food packaging for over two decades, uses bagasse pulp to create an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastics.Qiaowang offers compostable food packaging solutions to help their customers reduce waste and create a greener world. As a pioneer in the sustainable tableware industry, we provide a wide range of eco-friendly bagasse pulp products that can decompose quickly and safely.

A Strong Foundation for Sustainable Tableware    

With a stable supply chain and over 20 years experience, Qiaowang specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing compostable bagasse pulp tableware. They aim to minimize waste and promote sustainability through their compostable food packaging products.

A Wide Range of Compostable Tableware Products

Qiaowang offers a wide selection of compostable bagasse pulp cups, plates, bowls, containers and cutlery in various sizes and designs to meet different compostable food packaging needs. Their customizable bagasse tableware is suitable for restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.

Committed to Reducing Environmental Impact

Qiaowang is actively working to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy usage and enable a circular economy through compostable food packaging. They collaborate with partners to establish more sustainable supply chains and transition to renewable technologies.


Qiaowang strives to minimize the use of single-use plastics by creating durable and easily degradable bagasse pulp products. Their goal is to offer innovative and compostable food packaging solutions that can help organizations reduce waste and become more environmentally responsible.Leverage their 20 years of experience developing compostable tableware for food packaging. Whether you need compostable cups, bowls, plates or cutlery for cafes, restaurants or takeaways, they can customize bagasse pulp products to meet your requirements. If searching for high-quality bagasse pulp tableware for sustainable food packaging, click here to learn more!

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