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Pest control is a daily routine to avoid the risks

We have listed some easy tasks to help you fight common pests such as termites, rodents, termites and ants. If you are familiar with the methods and control strategies of common pests, you can solve the problem without calling professionals. If you are experiencing more problems due to an infestation, then contact trained pest control professionals.

Check out our checklist to keep your home pest-free.

Checklist for Outdoor Pest Control

First, inspect the exterior of your home to make sure that there aren’t any pests’ entry points.

Use wooden cork or any other sponge to seal all cracks and pipe holes.

Routine inspection should be performed to check for pest damage. You can confirm pest infestation in your home by spotting any chewed pipes or plastic substances.

Your lawn should be kept as short as possible and trees or plants shouldn’t be allowed to grow. Any pest can enter your home through the path of fallen branches from trees.

Verify the availability of nests in your garden. If you find any nests, please notify us immediately

Do not allow standing water to build up on your property. Clear away any fallen leaves or other debris that may block water flow. The perfect place for pest breeding is standing water.

You should inspect your doors and windows for pests. If you find any damage, repair it quickly.

Keep your firewood away from your living space. Keep them at least 20 meters from your home.

You can clean the water source daily with anti-insect products if you have a water base near your home.

Natural pest control products such as cinnamon sticks and neem oil can be used to eliminate common pests.

Do not allow standing water to enter your home.

Checklist for Outdoor Pest Control

Keep garbage out of your home. It should be thrown away in your recycle bin.

Keep your kitchen clean by wiping out food spills regularly and throwing away food scraps.

Keep ripe fruits out of your home

Regularly Trim your indoor plants

Make sure your toilets are clean and tidy.

Repair the damaged pipes by checking your bathroom gates walls and basement pipes for signs of leakage.

Keep your indoor space as dry as possible

Install the insect prevention nets on your windows and doors if you can.

Seal all food items in a sealed container.

Regular vacuuming and sweeping is recommended

To keep the pest from entering your home, use the mint spray with some refresher

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