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NewStar: Your Trustworthy Car Rooftop Basket Supplier for Bulk Orders

When finding a trustworthy provider of car’s rooftop baskets, NewStar stands out as a reliable option for you. With their commitment to quality and durability, they offer a range of products that cater to Amazon e-commerce sellers, brands, offline hardware stores and so on. Among their offerings is the 1 Pair Kayak J-Bar Rack NS-KYR01, a sturdy and versatile solution for transporting kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and more. With NewStar, you can confidently source car rooftop baskets in bulk, ensuring you have the inventory to meet your customers’ needs.

Premium Quality Car Rooftop Baskets: 1 Pair Kayak J-Bar Rack NS-KYR01

NewStar’s 1 Pair Kayak J-Bar Rack NS-KYR01 offers a premium solution for transporting kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and other water sports equipment. With each pair capable of holding two kayaks, these sturdy alloy steel racks provide a total weight capacity of 75 lbs, ensuring secure and reliable transportation.

Sturdy Construction for Secure Transportation

As a car rooftop basket provider, NewStar prioritizes the protection of valuable equipment. The heavy-duty steel framing of the NS-KYR01 comes with adjustable padding, providing both carrying strength and safeguarding your customers’ kayak or canoe during transport.

Compatibility and Convenience: Fit for Various Crossbars

The NS-KYR01 is designed to be compatible with most crossbars, including square, factory, and aerodynamic types. This versatility allows customers to cater to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring their vehicle rooftop baskets can be utilized by a broader customer base.

Easy Loading and Unloading with Wide Mouth J Bar Design

The wide-mouth J bar design of the NS-KYR01 offers effortless loading and unloading of your water sports equipment. This optimally sized carrier maximizes roof space while providing a secure and stable platform for your customers’ gear.

Conclusion: NewStar – Your Trusted Car Rooftop Basket Provider for Bulk Orders

NewStar’s dedication to providing high-quality rooftop baskets for car shines through in their 1 Pair Kayak J-Bar Rack NS-KYR01. The sturdy construction, compatibility with various crossbars, easy loading and unloading, and simplified installation process make NewStar the go-to provider for car rooftop baskets in bulk. You can confidently source their inventory from NewStar, ensuring you can meet the needs of your customers and provide reliable and durable car rooftop baskets.

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